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SFPT: Simple Flash Port Tester

This imbedded Flash Port Tester will walkthrough the following procedure:

1. Check for Flash Player installation. If not installed it will prompted for the installation. It is necessary to install Flash to run this diagnostic program.

2. It will attempt to make a connection via port 1935 by default.

3. It will attempt to make a connection via port 443.

4. It will attempt RTMPT (rtmp tunneled) on port 80.  Most firewalls allow port 80 traffic.

5. If RTMPT fails then the firewall is most likely enabled for stateful inspection which will reject non-HTTP packets via port 80.


The round trip time of a server to the viewer of the content, whether it is a stream or a file download is inversely proportional to the server's throughput performance.  For example, if the RTT is high then the performance will be low. If the RTT is low then the performance will be high.  It is a simple mathematical equation that is calculated as:

Receive buffer size divided by Roundtrip Time = Maximum TCP throughput

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Bandwidth capacity management and traffic forecast for a video streaming or object delivery event on the Internet is critical to the success of the event.  It's vital to understand your audience forecast along with the supply/capacity capabilities of your server farm and/or third party ISP, CDN (content delivery networks) or cloud service providers.

I've sectioned off bandwidth traffic capacity calculators into different sections for different needs.  These calculators will help you plan for the necessary capacity to ensure your event is successful.

Many people in the industry have been clamoring for the presentation that Dan Rayburn posted in his blog and then removed regarding Google's Global Cache and their view on the challenges of scaling a CDN.

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